We are this land, the land of Chianti. The Chianti grass grows on these sunny hills, more than 1000 plants grown naturally and planted in a centuries-old family olive grove


Who we are

In these lands, in the heart of Chianti, hemp has always been there. In this farmhouse in Impruneta, located on the hills of Florence, for many generations we have been cultivating vines and olive trees to produce the wine and oil that will go on our tables and those of our friends. And always here, we have decided to resume hemp crops. As it once was, with the same passion as our grandparents

What do we do

Cannabis Renaissance is a new movement that aims to bring Cannabis back to the center of our lives, both as a material and spiritual guide to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle

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Erba del Chianti

The Earth was not bequeathed to us by our fathers, but it was lent to us by our children


“Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn Our team, our active ingredients, our skills at the service of your well-being. Because our love for each other passes through the care of our skin.


It is the future of our company: the aesthetics of a cosmetic, the efficacy of a drug. Scientifically tested products with proven effectiveness. More effective than a cosmetic without the risk of the side effects of a drug.

CBD flowers

It all starts here! This is our mission: a complete supply chain that starts from cultivation and arrives in its forms and essences to provide the well-being we need. We cultivate the plants ourselves to be sure that the fruits and extracts contain the best possible ingredients. The plant as life, as a resource, as the supreme incipit of "take care".

Food e Beverage

Beauty is not only outside, it lives within us. We cultivate and produce our land, our hemp, to obtain products that bring health and well-being to our IO.
Hemp-based FOOD & BEVERAGE because beauty comes from within.

Research and development

The research and development departments of Erba del Chianti represent the backbone of our company. Biotechnology and in vitro micropropagation within the University of Florence, the cultivation and development of our plants: new genetics and new techniques at the service of our products. The extracts and the actives: a continuous selection to be always ahead, innovative, pioneers of a world to come.