The Earth was not bequeathed to us by our fathers, but it was lent to us by our children

Ancient Indian Proverb

In these lands, in the heart of Chianti, hemp has always been there. Like a trace that marks childhood memories, its cultivation is linked to the history of our family, together with traditions, more than 100-year-old kits, tools that are no longer used. Along with our values.

In this farmhouse in Impruneta, located on the hills of Florence, for many generations we have been cultivating vines and olive trees to produce the wine and oil that will go on our tables and those of our friends.

And always here, we have decided to resume hemp cultivation. As it once was, with the same passion as our grandparents.

Cannabis Renaissance

Rurality is the new luxury. Today we finally understand that our actions affect everything around us and that we need a new sustainable lifestyle that is slower and more aware.

A lifestyle linked to nature on several levels. Erba del Chianti is a brand that promotes this lifestyle having the prodigious plant of Cannabis. as its paradigm . A both practical and spiritual plant that can satisfy many of our needs and whose cultivation does not place a heavy burden on the planet. Erba del Chianti is synonymous with Cannabis Renaissance, a new movement that aims to put Cannabis back at the center of our lives both as a material guide and as a spiritual guide for a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle

The Chianti Grass Project

The project was born from the revolutionary dream of an ancient family of entrepreneurs to grow hemp on the Chianti hills. Farsightedness, resourcefulness and visionary skills have led in less than a year to the creation of Erba del Chianti with a precise objective: to give a new future to those lands through hemp , starting from respect for traditions and care for the environment.

Erba del Chianti is a new way of experiencing Chianti through hemp, which returns to your territory in an innovative project, made up of excellent products and contemporary experiences

Our Grass of Chianti

A system with procedures designed to guarantee high quality standards and in line with the demands of the cosmetic and pharmacological world. GACP and GMP certifications today represent the guarantee of quality and safety of all the derivatives of our plants

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